Get your money back from a scam

If you’ve been ripped off by scammers, get in touch and our team of experts will work to get your money back


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    Connecting Victims of Crypto Crimes with a Global Network of Investigators

    Have your funds been stolen? Don't lose hope! Our network of expert investigators may be able to help.

    Our team of experts secures refunds on a daily basis. We assist businesses as well as individuals in their pursuit of funds lost to scammers. Our goal is to continually improve in our endeavors and we are always here to help you in your fight for what is rightfully yours.

    Money retrieved in 2023 ( 1-3 quarters)

    $ 5,000,459

    Success rate


    How we work to get our clients money back

    First, our team of financial experts secures the relevant information from you, the victim of the scam. Then our recovery specialists, and legal department, track down and confront the scammers.

    Our years of knowledge of the field make us ideally placed to fight, and win your case. You are only a short conversation away from starting the process to secure your stolen assets.

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    Why work with us?

    The short answer: We only take on cases we believe can result in a substantial recovery. Your time is as valuable as ours, and that’s why we are completely transparent in our evaluation of every case. If it can’t be done, we will tell you so. But, if we feel there is a chance for full or partial recovery, then we'll get to work right away.

    Your money back guarantee

    The fund recovery process can be a lengthy one and requires perseverance.

    Therefore it is vital that our clients are ready for it and trust us every step of the way. So if for any reason you are doubtful, you can ask for a full refund within the first 14 business days of the process.*

    • The Trustradius100 team is the most extraordinary team! They have always been transparent and respectful. As promised most of my funds were recovered. The professionalism and expertise of the team is outstanding. My case manager is a kind sole and patient. He has always guided and encouraged me not to give up and be persistent to get the money back. It is truly a rewarding experience.
      Donna Donovan
      TrustRadius Client
    • Jenny Gaze
      I contacted Trustradius100 because I had lost a significant amount of money to a scam. Trustradius100 explained to me how they worked, how they could recover at least some of my losses and the cost to me in a very thorough and professional way. They described in detail what they needed from me and I provided as much as I was able. They have provided detailed letters and support for me to contact financial institutions and law enforcement as they work to locate and recover my losses. Trustradius100 has located where my money has been deposited and is working to recover it. They have been professional and diligent in their work to recover my funds. They are professional and their performance for me has been as much or more than I could have hoped for.
      Jenny Gaze
      TrustRadius Client
    • Tom Johnson
      I started to work with Trustradius100 because I was the victim of a cryptocurrency scam. The team is accommodating and thorough with explaining all the steps. The process of getting my money back is still ongoing but we managed to get back half of the lost amount already. And I do believe they will help me to get back another half. Services provided by Trustradius100 are at the highest level and I would recommend anyone who was a victim of any scam to work with them.
      Tom Johnson

    Let's get your money back!

    If you've been ripped off by scammers, get in touch and our team of experts will work to get your money back

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    Money Back Ltd (which trades as TrustRadius100) Israeli company #515711653, is authorised and regulated in Israel and operates globally. In the UK, the company operates through a legal exclusion, which removes the need for Money Back Ltd to be authorised and regulated by the FCA.

    Disclaimer: Trustradius100 Ltd offers each new client a free consultation. Funds Recovery or other services that will be subsequently commissioned will incur fees and/or commissions, based on the service and the complexity of each individual case. Trustradius100 doesn’t offer any investments, financial services, or advice.

    At Trustradius100 we do not initiate calls without request. We only call clients that reached out to us.